Virtru FAQ

What should I encrypt?

You can encrypt any messages/files/attachments you would like to keep safe during transport.  

For a breakdown of what information you should protect, Click Here

How do I install VIRTRU?

View the Virtru Setup Guide in the main page

Can I use Safari/Firefox, etc. 

Virtru is available on the Chrome web store, and is only active on Chrome

What will a recipient inside the organization see?

If the person you're sending an email to has Virtru, then they will get an encrypted message that will decrypt within their mailbox. 

What will a recipient outside the organization see?

If a recipient is outside the organization or does not have Virtru installed, they will be directed to view the message and attachments through a secure reader

How do I see read if someone opened my message?

Once a secure E-mail is sent, you can use the Persistent File Protection (PFP) tool to revoke access to files and content  

Does it work on my phone?

Yes, Virtru has an app available for download for both iOS and Android devices. Once the app is downloaded and configured, you can read and send encrypted emails through the Virtru app on your mobile devices.   For more information on setting up Virtru for your phone, visit Virtru for Mobile

Can I use this on a delegated account? 

In addition to your primary G Suite account, you can also activate Virtru with any mailbox to which you have delegated access.  For information to setup a delegated account, visit: Delegated Account Setup