What is Virtru?

Why is Email encryption important?

Email messages and attachments can be intercepted as they travel across a network.  In order to ensure both security and privacy, it is a best practice to encrypt sensitive material when it is being sent.

What does Virtru Email Protection do for me?

End-to-End Email Encryption

Encrypt messages and attachments directly within Gmail, before the data reaches Google’s servers, preventing access by Google and other unauthorized parties, everywhere they’re shared.

Expiration Date

 As the owner of the content, you can restrict access after a particular point in time. If a recipient tries to access the content after expiration, they will receive a prompt indicating their access is expired.

Disable Forwarding

Disable Forwarding ensures that your recipients can access the encrypted content but will stop any additional users from gaining access to the message

Persistent Protection

PFP allows you to select, protect, and share a file with anyone while maintaining full visibility into how it is being used and retaining the ability to revoke access at any time


When Watermarking is applied to a secure file, recipients will only have access in the Secure Reader and will see their email address watermarked across the document.

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