Cybersecurity 101 Training 

Review the Basics!

Learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity awareness, best practices, tips & tricks, and get to know your tools!

Attackers will send you emails to get your information! Be careful and double-check if emails are legitimate! 

Learn more about other ways attackers will try to get your information. 

Make sure to keep your devices up-to-date to prevent hackers from attacking your devices! 

Delete Your Downloads

Be careful when you download data to your machine! Check your downloads folder for any information and file you no longer need on your machine. 

Passwords can be attacked constantly! Check your password for MySHU and your local computer password for security. 

Consider using a sentence for a password and storing your passwords in a secure password manager.

Which Email Address to Use?

Make sure to use a personal email address for any personal subscriptions, such as Netflix, Spotify, or Amazon. 

It's even recommended to have a second private personal email address just for your financial accounts

Learn Your Tools and Stay Informed!