Norton Password Manager Tool

The Norton Password Manager is a web extension that can be added to your browser.  Accompanying this is the mobile app that is compatible with both IOS and Android.  Norton Password allows you to have a seamless transition of password sharing between your workspace and your mobile device.  In addition to storing encrypted passwords, you can also save addresses, credit cards, and secure notes that can be accessed at anytime.  

Norton PW Google Play

Norton PW Apple Store

Which platforms is it available on?

The Norton Password Manager (NPM) has available extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge as well as IOS & Android



Secures logins and more in your private, online vault. Creates complex passwords when you need them. Encrypts your information before it leaves your device.


Use Safety Dashboard to help spot weaknesses in your logins. Create new, hard-to-break passwords with one click with Password Generator. Update and save them easily with Autochange.


Your vault automatically keeps logins sync'd across all your devices. Access it quickly with Touch ID/Face ID or Android biometrics on your mobile devices.