New Students

Getting Started

*The following steps MUST be completed before your MacBook can be shipped to you. Once these steps have been completed, then you may start the MacBook Shipping process.*

  1. Activate your MySHU Account

  2. Complete your student forms

  3. Complete required placement exams

  4. You must be registered for classes

MacBook Shipping Process

  1. Log into (Please log into often until you have completed the shipping process)

  2. Submit the address you want the MacBook shipped to. This cannot be changed after submitted.

*International students please enter in your campus mailing address. You will pick up your MacBook when you get to campus.

3. After your address has been submitted, a MacBook will be assigned to you.

You will need to sign the contract before the MacBook will be shipped to you.

To sign the contract, log into to receive the contract prompt.

Click the box, sign your name, and then click sign to submit the contract.

When you have successfully signed and submitted your contract, you will receive an email copy.

4. Once your MacBook is shipped, you will receive a tracking link to see when your MacBook will be delivered.

When you receive your MacBook, you will need to confirm your MacBook’s asset number.

Log into to get the asset id confirmation prompt.

5. You have completed the MacBook shipping process.